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The Life of A Medium

Chrystyne McGrath is a Nationally known Trance Medium and has been providing professional Psychic and Medium Readings for over 25 years.

Chrystyne is a natural-born Medium. She first became aware of her abilities when she was five years old. From a young age, Chrystyne was aware of energies around her, atmospheres in houses, and a feeling of energies around her. When she was on her own, she didn’t have the language or the courage to explain it to anyone.

"When I was five years old, I remembered my past lifetimes. I would tell my mother where I used to live in England, what my house looked like, and how to get there. I could see it so clearly. My mother would tell me I must have read about it somewhere. I thought to myself, um no, I can't read yet.

As an adult I went to England, it felt like going home. I've never been more comfortable in a country. I knew my way around freely with no direction. Past, present, and future was happening all at once for me."

"This is my drive in giving past life regression sessions. It brings so much clarity and healing to people. I go on the journey with my clients, we cut psychic cords and heal trauma as we go through the lifetimes."

"As a child, I stopped sharing memories and visions; they were not accepted back then. I learned to be quiet about my gift," Chrystyne said. "I would look at my teacher and think, boy, she's personally going through such a tough time. The other children saw the teacher as fine; she was smiling."

At night, she would see a series of faces appear in front of her and spirit guides. "My dreams were very real, descriptive, and lucid."

"Sometimes, I was visited in dreams by strange beings who shared information with me. I didn't understand them until they actually happened. Spirits would visit me at night with messages for loved ones."

The palms of her hands become naturally hot when working on a client to remove non beneficial energy or an imbalance. She works the energy inside and outside of the body as well as communicating with those who have passed on. She is a loved Healer, Medium, and Energy worker.


She has been seen and heard on radio and television. Chrystyne gives group Readings at events and parties. She is known as New England's #1 resident Medium, called "The Ghost Lady," Chrystyne works closely with her spirit guides and ascended masters to help thousands of people heal. She sends love and light around the universe. 

Chrystyne is part of an ongoing research study at Yale University School of Medicine, Spirit Research, for skilled expert Psychics/Mediums who can hear and communicate with spirits. Only a select few are asked to participate in this study.

Yale has studied her brain through MRI scans and testing for her Clairvoyance (Sight) and Clairaudience (hearing) abilities. She helps prove that people can control their experiences of hearing spirit. " I will always volunteer to help this important study of the brain, energy, and ability to hear and control the voices of spirit," McGrath says. "I want to help tortured souls who can hear voices or have an energy on them." This study compares its findings with those diagnosed with schizophrenia. It brings awareness of whether the voices can be controlled. Chrystyne was also a member of The Healing Circle at Yale University 17 years ago.


Chrystyne has always known her psychic and healing abilities were her pathway to helping people. She has cleared many haunted locations and crossed over thousands of earthbound energies.

She's crossed over earthbound energies around America, Ireland, England, and France. 

After the death of her middle son, Sean, 12 years ago, she is dedicated to helping those in pain find inner peace. She has helped hundreds of people recover from the tragedy and trauma of losing a loved one. She travels to many locations to give Group Readings, Healings, Meditations, and Clearings. Her clients love her spirit and compassionate healing energy.  

Chrystyne was trained by the best Dowsers in the world over 25 years ago. She honors the legacy of Richard Paskowski and Donald Huschke and passes on their legacy through clearings, healings, and teaching classes.


The senses Chrystyne uses for her Readings

  • Clairvoyance: ability to see into the future

  • Clairaudience: ability to hear what other people cannot

  • Clairalience: psychic impressions through the sense of smell

  • Clairgustance: a taste in your mouth through your senses

  • Claircognizance: ability to know what someone is doing

Chrystyne communicates with only the highest spirits in Love and Light. 

Readings can be done in person, phone, FaceTime or Skype.

I left Chrystyne's office already thinking about when I can come back. She has a serious gift and I am forever grateful for my meeting with her. She connected me with loved ones who have passed and also gave me an in-depth understanding of myself and the life I'm currently living - as well as several past lives. Chrystyne helped me make sense of every emotion I feel and I left feeling so blessed. Highly, highly recommend.

~Kayla M.

"You are the best! I will tell anyone and everyone who will listen. Your gift has helped me more than you will ever know!"


I had multiple readings with Chrystyne earlier this year, and both were extremely accurate and life-changing. With her guidance, I know what my life's purpose is! Also, on a very basic level, so far, two things that were predicted actually happened. She's incredible. ~Rosemary L.

The phone sessions I have with Chrystyne have been very helpful and have been life-changing. I'm so grateful I found her!  ~L. McGuire

My sessions with Chrystyne are amazing and always different; she is so gifted. ~ K. Hansen

The reading I had with Chrystyne helped me after the death of my wife. I am able to connect with my wife on the other side; it has been very helpful and healing. The energy healings have helped me so much. ~Frank

It was a comfort to talk to my husband, who passed, and hear details no one else would know! ~Anne

I've never felt energy like this during any session I’ve ever had. Very healing.

~ L. Jones


I have dementia and can now remember when I wake up in the morning. ~ K. P.


Chrystyne has been seen and heard on WPLR 99.1 FM, WTNH Channel 8, Filmed in The Mark Twain House, Seasons Magazine, WCTX TV, The Thrive Show, Elan Magazine, The Seasons of New Haven Magazine, The Yale Daily News, The New Haven Register, Zip, The Guilford Courier, The Shore Line Times, Guest Speaker at Libraries around CT, and numerous Podcasts around the world.

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