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Psychic Cord Cutting/ Release

Chrystyne can cut the energy cord (psychic cord) between you and another person. We create energy cords between lovers, close friends, and family. When they become negative and non-benevolent, we need to cut the energy cord that connects us for our highest good.

If you feel the energy pull of an ex-love that you are done with, this cord might constantly remind you of that person.

You want to cut cords that are inherited medical conditions (such as high cholesterol levels) or traits you do not want to carry forward through your lineage. This is done with love and the highest respect for both people involved. Nothing is done in anger or resentment. You have to be ready for this release. You are making space for newness. You will feel lighter and may feel a void. You can fill that void with what you want.

Chrystyne will work with you to ensure this is a safe, comfortable experience and that you are ready.

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