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Past Life Regression

Do you have a fear of drowning, dying in a fire, or sudden death? Do you have memories that don't make any sense? Have unexplainable dreams or curiosity? Does a country or geographic area feel eerily familiar - even though you've never been there? If so, you may be experiencing glimpses from a previous life.


Let Chrystyne McGrath decipher those memories by taking you on a journey back in time to your childhood and even further back to your past lives. Unlock the secret to life patterns—phobias, traumas, attachment issues, and not connecting to people—that have carried forward into this life. The outcome is always positive; you'll feel renewed as if you've received a healing. You will be journeyed into the Akashic Hall of Records.

As a Medium, Chrystyne travels through your past with you. She will see the visions with you. You will heal trauma and release and cut any psychic cords that need to be released.

This is an important session if you suffer from trauma or phobias. A lot of healing has been accomplished through this session.

Past Life Regression Sessions are

90 Minutes.

Chrystyne makes notes of the session that you will receive after the session.


Explore the Akashic Records & Mysteries of Your
Previous Lives

  • Phobias: past traumatic events

  • Previous life patterns continuing in this life

  • Recurring dreams and/or memories

  • Unexplained curiosity

  • Always a positive outcome

Past life regression is true therapy and a form of healing. Call Chrystyne today for a journey of soul exploration.  
During your session, you will be taken into a very deep meditation. Chrystyne will guide you, taking detailed notes as you describe your emotions and what you see. She will then explain the patterns you have carried from lifetime to lifetime.
Chrystyne will take notes, discuss and review the session, note patterns, and close unfinished karma. Healing takes place as we walk through the past. Always a positive outcome, past life regression is healing and enlightening.

Explore the Akashic Records and all of your past Lifetimes.

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