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CM Paranormal: Dowsing Services for House Clearings, & Blessings, Energy Clearings and Removal.

CM Paranormal Services Removes non-beneficial earth bound energies and residual Energy Imprints.

Founder of CM Paranormal Services and known as the "Ghost Lady", Chrystyne McGrath has one goal: to clear the earth of non-beneficial energies and remove them from this realm. She removes non-beneficial energy from people, places, and objects and crosses them over so they can no longer continue to cause havoc on Earth.


She was trained as a Master Dowser 25 years ago by two of the best Dowsers in the world. Clearing energies is a serious business and should be taken seriously.


Many people today claim to clear homes and can get into trouble, making the activity worse than it was. Experience is absolutely necessary in this field.

Chrystyne is an Ordained Minister who crosses over earth-bound energies. She removes energy imprints and residue left behind. If you need an energy clearing or blessing of your residence, property, or object, contact Chrystyne. She has over 25 years of experience in the field and has successfully cleared thousands of people, homes, and properties. She's cleared tunnels in England, places in Ireland, and Paris. She has cleared some of the worst cases of paranormal activity off places and people. She has successfully performed many exorcisms.

Chrystyne will do a "Walk Through" of your home or location. She will let you know if there is an energy, imprint or residue. She will tell you what or who it is, then remove it. Chrystyne, an Ordained Minister, will bless your house afterward. Your home will feel much lighter. She does not need any information before her arrival.


We are born in the purest form of Love. Beautiful love energy from God in a vessel. Now we have this thing called 'Free Will' on earth. This is where that energy goes down! We have free will to lower that vibration, separate from the high energy of pure love form.

When we leave God, 'ego' steps in. EGO= Edging God Out. Then there's FEAR= False Ego Appearing Real. Anxiety will be created in this state.

Energies that experience loss or lack of love become low vibrational beings. There are many levels of this:

The lowest is called demonic. A demon has no love energy at all. It will cause havoc on earth and people. These energies can get into someone's auric field and prey on that person's energy. We call them clingers/ hitchhikers. They will drain the person's energy; they will become lethargic, dizzy, depressed, and sometimes suicidal. Most people with addictions have an energy attached to them, influencing the addiction. They need to have a clearing and energy removal. 

Clearings are proven to work on those with addictions and are extremely necessary. Chrystyne will remove the energy from the person, and the person will feel lighter and free. You will be able to see and feel the difference. She will have the person drink lots of water afterward. There's something called energy imprint, energy residue, a leftover vibration from the energy. Chrystyne clears that as well.

Chrystyne has been trained by the best Dowsers in the world to remove these dark entities from people, places, and the earth. That is what she's known for. Her success rate in clearing energies is 92 percent. The 8 percent she is not able to clear is due to karmic cords and contracts that she is not able to interfere with.

Chrystyne is the only Medium/ Paranormal Researcher who has performed a paranormal investigation and spirit release of the oldest Cold Case in New England. The murder of Mary Stannard is known as the "Rockland Murder" of 1878. Mary was an earth-bound 'Ghost' who had not crossed over due to the trauma and nature of being murdered by the married Methodist Minister, Reverend Hayden. Chrystyne went to the murder sight with Town Historian Joel Helander, who had written the book "Noose and Collar" about the murder of 1878. Chrystyne spent endless hours in the woods of Rockland and Mary's old shanty, where Mary lived with her father and two-year-old son, Willy.

Chrystyne discovered that the woods are haunted by men who used to make charcoal in the 1800s. Charcoal was a thriving business back then. They have the same low vibrational demeanor as when they were alive and haunt the woods today. One even chased Chrystyne to attempt to scare her. Chrystyne alerted the current neighbors of who is making the noises in their basements all hours of the night. They were blaming Mary Stannard for the noises and haunts taking place.

Chrystyne told Mary's true story at her event in 2017 in Madison, CT. With the closure, Mary peacefully crossed over to the 'Other Side' that night.

Chrystyne has cleared haunted tunnels in England, historical crypts in New England, mansions, cemeteries, homes, haunted buildings and properties, a hotel in Ireland, and energies in Paris. She has removed entities off of tens of thousands of people.

Chrystyne helps children who see ghosts and who have had experiences with the paranormal. She knows from personal experience when she was a child, she would see ghosts and spirits. She works with children to bring them peace and comfort. They feel aware and powerful rather than scared.

People who have a negative energy on them will suffer from fatigue, depression, lethargy, feel dizzy, and even become suicidal. Most people go to traditional medicine for help. Chrystyne can clear the energy off of them.
Chrystyne uses her "Gift" to spread love and light on the planet and to remove bad energies.

If you have watched any of the paranormal shows, you will see they are trying to prove if there is paranormal activity through cameras, meters and various equipment. Chrystyne is not trying to 'prove' if paranormal activity exists, she is removing it from it's location on the earth so it can no longer hurt anyone. She works closely with her spirit guides to do this. Her work is done through the highest and holiest beings. She has undergone a lot of training to do this and has a lot of experience.

An "Intelligent Haunting" is when an energy communicates and responds to someone. They are most likely not trying to scare you; they want to communicate. It would be the same as if you were trying to talk to someone and they weren't listening. You might speak louder, nudge their arm, or do something to get their attention. Most energies simply want to be heard or get their point across somehow. Their personality and demeanor are the same as when they were alive.


What's the difference between a Ghost and a Spirit?


Ghost - A ghost is an earthbound energy that has not been able to cross over to the other side, to a spirit form. Sometimes referred to as "poltergeists," ghosts appear exactly the way they did the day they died (the same age and clothing) and usually have unresolved issues such as trauma and confusion. A ghost can tap into anything, whether battery-operated or electronic. It will feel very cold in temperature where a ghost is present.

  • Spirit - A spirit is an energy that has crossed over to "The Other Side." They traveled into the white light through the tunnel and are now in spirit form. A spirit can look any age (usually younger if they died at an older age). Spirits do not have any ailments on the Other Side and can astral travel anywhere they wish while still being on the Other Side. Spirits can visit you in your dreams while you are sleeping. You are simply out of your brain and relaxed so they can have a visitation. You will remember the dream vividly when you wake up if it was a real visit.

  • The best way to capture a spirit is through an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), which electronically records spirit voices not heard with the naked ear.

  • Spirit boxes are another great tool for communicating with paranormal entities. They use radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise, which gives them the energy they need to be heard. It's the upgraded way to raise frequency. In the late 1980s, you would sit in a circle and create a magnetic field/ plasma in the center to create a high frequency and use that frequency to communicate.

  • Dowsing Rods are an accurate way to find energy. The rods will either pull away or cross where it comes into energy. Fun to use on ghost tours.

  • Dowsing is useful for showing someone their auric field, finding a missing object, person or pet, finding water or a buried object. You can use L-Rods, pendulums, a needle on a thread, your body or third eye, a bobber or a stick.

  • Chrystyne teaches Dowsing Classes monthly.

Jason Hawes and Scott Porter.png

Chrystyne with Jason Hawes of Travel Channel's Ghost Nation/ Ghost Hunters and Scott Porter from Tennessee Wraith Chasers.

Chrystyne is acknowledged as one of the Prominent Paranormal Pros in CT!

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