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Psychic/ Medium/ Medical Intuitive Readings

 Chrystyne McGrath is a natural-born Medium with abilities that allow her to contact spirits from the other side. If you want to communicate with a spirit or your spirit guides, or if a spirit has a message for you, Chrystyne can help. You will be able to send and receive important messages that can help with unresolved issues.


She gives Medium, Psychic, and Medical Intuitive Readings.

A Psychic Reading is an intuitive reading of current and future Information.

A Medium Reading is communication with spirits on "The Other Side", Angels and Spirit Guides.

A Medical Intuitive Reading is a body scan. Chrystyne can read your aura, energy, and chakras. 

Most clients like a combined reading of all three. Find out who your Spirit Guides, Animal Guides, and Angels are. Past lifetimes will come in as well.


As a Trance Medium, Chrystyne allows her spirit guides and spirits to give readings through her. She can channel the energy of your loved one from an object of significance (clothing, watch, etc.) or a photo you supply. During your reading, Chrystyne will communicate the message you are supposed to receive that will be helpful to your life at that moment. She will take on the energy and personality of the spirit.

Readings can be done in person in Guilford, over the phone, or on Zoom. She gives readings all over the world.


Her clients love her.  As New Haven's favorite resident Medium, she is referred to as "The Ghost Lady."

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To book an appointment email:

Give a three week window to book an appointment,

Signs That Someone Wants to Communicate With You

When A loved one dies, we experience separation anxiety. We wonder if we will ever hear from them again.  We do not realize that they are just as anxious to let us know they are all right as we are.  How are signs sent, and how do we identify them? The answer is very simple if we know what to look for.


The most common signs sent to us are as follows:


  • Coins (pennies from heaven) are found unexpectedly and repeatedly.

  • Your pets can see spirit. They will stare off at something that is not there.

  • Orbs will appear in photographs.

  • The energy shifts when you walk in.

  • Unusual activity of birds (in particular cardinals, hawks, hummingbirds, owls, and robins), butterflies, dragonflies, or ladybugs (ladybirds). Close your eyes and hear their messages.

  • Number sequences such as 11:11 when seen unexpectedly and repeatedly on the clock. Make a wish when you see it!

  • The number sequence 11:11 is a sign from a loved one or loved ones in spirit who wish to let the person seeing it know that they are watching over them.

  • Unusual number sequences when seen unexpectedly and repeatedly on the clock, a license plate, or a receipt. These numbers are usually dates of significant events such as anniversaries, birthdays (past or present), or weddings.

  • Scents that are detected without being present, such as baking, flowers (roses), tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, or pipes), perfume, powder, or aftershave, for instance, signify the presence of a loved one or loved ones.

  • Electrical devices will suddenly break, and cell phone batteries that are fully charged will drain for no apparent reason.

A one-person 60 Minute Reading is $100.00.

A two-person 60 Minute Reading is $200.00.

A three-person 60 Minute Reading is $250.00.


Group readings are only given in the Guilford office.

To book a reading email:

The office is booked a month out—book in advance to secure the date that works for you.

Feel free to bring photos or objects to your reading.

eGift Cards are available same day.

Readings can be done in person, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime!

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