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Reiki, Energy Healing and Merkaba activation Sessions

Chrystyne McGrath is a Reiki Master and Master Healer. She clears, heals, and renews your body's energy fields (Chakras) and Biofield (the energy around you) and your Merkaba, your three-dimensional star (for inner wisdom and knowledge).


Chrystyne removes any non-beneficial energy you are holding on to. She will start at your head and remove, balance, and clear all the way down to your feet.

She may use a crystal triangle, crystal bowl, singing bowl, or Native American drum over you at the end of your session. This removes residue and imprints left behind.

Reiki is an energy healing that clears, balances, and renews your body's energy fields (Chakras). It is a non-invasive, gentle healing session that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Reiki promotes quicker healing of a physical ailment or mental condition.

You will lay on your back, fully dressed and brought into a peaceful meditation. You can request which type of meditation you would like to be brought into- Yin/Yang, Meet your animal guide, Meet your spirit guide, or an Astral Journey into the Cosmos. Chrystyne will clear any non-beneficial energy from your body and your auric field. She will do reflexology on your feet, applying pressure on specific reflex points- opening blockages of different body organs. Your chakras will be cleared and balanced, and space will be made so newness can come in. A quartz crystal bowl, singing bowl, or Native American drum will be used over you to bring you healing vibration energy. You will feel renewed and refreshed.


Chrystyne is a Trance and works as a conduit with her spirit guides. Nothing is cleared without your permission and willingness to release. Her work is performed in the highest regard and honor of your higher self. She does not take credit for her amazing healings; she honors her spirit guides and the Divine.

Chrystyne will let you know what was released, if you would like to know. She will answer questions after the session.

Many people can benefit from a Reiki healing session. If you've recently been in an accident or simply need relief from migraines, dizziness, memory loss, trauma, and more, Chrystyne McGrath can help. Contact her to schedule an appointment for a 60 or 90-minute session in her office. She can also perform remote healing, where you can experience Reiki without being present with Chrystyne.

You will feel better within an hour!

Chrystyne's clients rave about her healing abilities.

*60 Minute Sessions are $100.00.

*90 Minute Sessions are $150.00.


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Ease Your Pain From:

  • Mental trauma: an experience, a memory or a blockage that has caused trauma. Reiki releases the memory cells that are the source of your uncomfortable, harsh memory.

  • Emotional trauma: releasing emotions due to a traumatic event, such as a car accident, fighting, divorce, conflict, anger, etc. Let an energy session free you from whatever it is you are storing.

  • Psychic cord cutting is the release of energy from a past loved one or someone non- beneficial. You will release your spiritual connection with them.

Chrystyne will teach you mindfulness and meditation. Teaching you how to live presently (in the Now). This is helpful for anxiety and panic attacks. She will suggest an essential oil that will help you.


EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Chrystyne teaches EFT tapping for trauma, phobias, emotional distress and anxiety. EFT is a proven method for release chronic physical pain, sleep at night, compulsions and addictions.


Gift Certificates are available via email or mail.

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"I always feel Amazing after an energy healing session with Chrystyne. 

When my energy gets low, I know to come back in and she always heals me."

-Lisa M.

"I suffer from anxiety and always leave feeling calm and relaxed, I'm grateful for these sessions."

-Tracy S.

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