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Every session with Chrys has been amazing... angels, guides... my son who passed away all come in... I love, love, love her abilities. So healing, loving and cathartic... I actually felt my guide working on my head... Do yourself a huge loving favor and book an appointment with Chrys... plus I just love her so.....  ❤️❤️❤️    ❤️    ❤️    ❤️❤️ 

~ J.Yates

Chrystyne McGrath has the capacity to connect, so easily and deeply with people, animals, nature and Spirit. She possesses the ability to create her own paradise.. her own oasis... wherever she may be and always welcomes you to join her. She's one of the hardest working women I know~ when she's not seeing clients in office, she's running all kinds of tours and donating time and energy to charitable causes. Chrystyne's services range from Reiki to energy healing, to mediumship, past life regressions and more! You can read about everything Chrystyne has to offer on her Facebook page Reiki & Readings. She has been my reiki practioner for years~ every time I go, my experience is different and wonderful in it's own way. Chrystyne makes every encounter with her calming and fun!!    From Divine Clarity

5 Stars! I recently had a one-hour renewal session with Chrystyne McGrath and was pleasantly surprised at what a transformative experience it was.

Chrystyne's office offers a quiet, soothing, meditative setting allowing me to leave my life and daily distractions behind and focus on those things that generate energy and happiness. I know it may sound cliché but I truly felt like a weight was lifted from my body and my mind, almost like the feeling after an intense physical workout.

Just thinking about the session gives me a peaceful feeling. I look forward to another appointment,

I strongly recommend Chrystyne for an energy renewal session.

Thank you Chrystyne for the much needed energy clearing!! You absolutely worked magic on me!! I went in feeling distraught in grief and heavy with many emotions and left lighter, more comforted and hopeful!!!   I adore your mystical insight and intuitive visions that you have shared with me in both the medium session and energy work as were priceless!! I highly recommend anyone to indulge in a treatment as it will surely be the best thing you can do for yourself.  Im looking forward to future sessions and continuing to evolve with the help of your knowledge n grace!! 

~ Loren

Chrystyne is an amazing healer. Her intuition is is spot on and her energy is so calming. The moment I arrive in her space, I'm filled with peace. Chrystyne is a true blessing and has given me the gift of her healing through many difficult times. There is no judgement, only love when you work with Chrystyne. 

If you're going through any kind of transition in your life, give yourself the gift of a session with Chrystyne. 

~ B. Doyle

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Trip Advisor Review 

When the opportunity arose to travel to New Haven from Pennsylvania, I agreed to go IF there would be a ghost tour scheduled during our trip and IF Chrystyne McGrath would be the tour leader. Three of us thoroughly enjoyed her tour during a trip to New Haven three years ago.

I've taken ghost tours in Philadelphia, Gettysburg, London, Alexandria, etc, and Chrystyne's New Haven Ghost Tour was my favorite by far. I am very spiritual and am practicing to become a medium, so a tour conducted by a psychic medium was just perfect for me. My boyfriend, however, is completely skeptical. Chrystyne's knowledge of the area and engaging personality kept him engaged and entertained.

I felt like the tour was just the right length of time for adults, it included information about the Yale campus, and the walking was very easy. Even if ghosts aren't your thing, the information Chrystyne shares on New Haven history and architecture will make this a great way to spend the evening.

Plus, Chrystyne directed us to BAR Pizza, which is unequivocally my boyfriend's and my favorite pizza EVER.

(As an aside, I booked an appointment during my visit for a mediumship reading, meditation and energy healing with Chrystyne McGrath. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! I felt the essence of my mother and grandmother during the reading, and the energy healing was better than I could have ever imagined. While I wasn't expecting this to happen, the healing even took away the excruciating shoulder pain I had been having for several days. It's been gone ever since! )

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