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My Scarecrows on The Guilford Green 🎃

This year my scarecrows on the Guilford Green are of

The Naughty Family

circa 1730.

David and Ruth Naughty lived at 1 Park Street (where The Guilford Saving’s Bank currently is). David Naughty who died in 1739 wrote in his will that their slaves children were to be freed upon Ruth’s death. Ruth was a bigot, adulterer and proslavery. Upon David’s death, Ruth rewrote her will. In her will, she assigned their slaves children to their religious neighbors upon her death and refused to free them. She also left the house to her long time lover Dr.John Redfield whom rented the back property. Nephew, David ll was upset over his lack of inheritance of his Uncle’s house. David ll sued Dr.Redfield twice with no luck. David ll was so distraught he wrote in his Will “I wish to be buried on the corner of the green with my head placed on top of the grass facing the house, so I can curse it for eternity.” I just made that happen, just sayin….. Happy Halloween 🎃 👻 #ghostlady #guilfordghosttour #medium #witnessstones


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